28 May 1998

11th  May 1998, India  once  again  shows  atomic  terrorism  against  Pakistan. but
it  was  not   1974, it  was  1998. Pakistani  people  decides  to  replay  the  indian
terrorism. Every  Pakistani  was  wanted  for explosions. they were  not  ready to bend
before  Indian  threat.
Government  of  Pakistan  faced a  great  pressure  of  pakistani  people. America
promised  a  big  financial  aid  for  Pakistan, if  Pakistan  leaves  any  decision  on
atomic  explosion.But at  last  on  28th  May  Pakistani  Prime minister  Nawaz Sharif
Addressed  to  the  nation  and  said:

"Today  we  clear  another  account  with  India  and  explodes  five  successful  nuclear  tests. "


       Chaghi  Hills  during
       first  Atomic explosions
       of  Islamic  Republic  of



If India builds the bomb, we will eat grass or leaves, even 
go hungry, but we will get one of our own.

                          Zulfkar  Ali  Bhutto
                     Prime minister of  Pakistan 

China, India, USSR and  Israel  possess  the  atomic  arm. No
Muslim  country  has  any. If  Pakistanis  had  such  a  weapon.          
It  would  reinforce  the  power  of  muslim  world.

                        General  Mohammad  Zia-ul-Haq                      
                                   President  of  Pakistan

           Golden  Memories (after 28thMay)