China's Nuclear Programmes

"596" - The Chinese Atomic Bomb

Test: "596"
Time: 07:00 16 October 1964 (GMT)
Location: Lop Nur Test Ground,
42.35 N, 88.30 E
Test Height and Type: Tower, 102 m
Yield: 22 Kt

This pure-fission U-235 implosion fission device named "596" wasChina's first nuclear test. The device weighed 1550 kg. No plutonium was available at this time.

"596" on the way to the tower

596 Fission Device     "596" Atomic Bomb (43 K)


After Detonation

596 Mushroom    "596" Detonation (68 K)


  Lop Nur After TestLop Nur Nuclear Test Range (67 k).

The Lop Nur Nuclear Test Range four days after the test of "596". Image taken by a KH-4 Corona intelligence satellite. Satellite image courtesy John Pike at the Federation of American Scientists, see the FAS

The Chinese Hydrogen Bomb

Test: Test No. 6
Time: 00:19:07.9 17 June 1967 (GMT)
Location: Lop Nur Test Ground
Test Height and Type: Air drop, 2960 m
Yield: 3.3 Mt

This was China's sixth nuclear test, and its first full scale radiation implosion (Teller-Ulam) weapon test. It was conducted only 32 months after the first atomic test, the shortest elapsed time for any nuclear weapons state. The device contained U-235, lithium-6 deuteride, and U-238. It was detonated at 2960 m over the Lop Nur Test Ground after being dropped from an H-6

China's First Hydrogen Bomb

H-Bomb Dropping        Going down... (60 K)

H-Bomb Mushroom           And going back up... (51 K)