Iran's  Missile  Programme


Designation Range IOC Inventory Comment
Mushak-120 130 km     Iran-130, Nazeat 10
Mushak-160 160 km      
Mushak-200 150 km      
Shahab-1 300 km 1995 50-300 Scud-B
Shahab-2 500 km   50-450 Scud-C
Shahab-3 Zelzal- 3 1,300 km      
Shahab-4 2,000 km      
Shahab-5 5,500 km      
Shahab-6 10,000 km      


Iran is believed to have acquired four Scud launchers and 54 missiles from Libya and Syria in 1985-86. The 300-km range of this missile permitted strikes around Baghdad, 130 km from the Iranian border. Tehran began using the Scuds against Iraq in March 1985, and one analyst estimated that Iran fired fourteen Scuds at Iraqi cities during that year. More Scud-Bs were acquired, according to a detailed South Korean magazine report, in a $5 million armaments deal with North Korea. Among the items reportedly purchased were 90-100 Scud-B missiles. "The delivery of the missiles is believed to have begun immediately after the conclusion of the contract [June 1987] and was completed by the beginning of 1988"