Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan : Project Director                 

31 July 1976, the day when Pakistan's atomic programme was started. This day becomes
an important track in the history of Pakistan, because at the same day E.R.L ( Engineering
Research Laboratory) was also established. Only six years of small era, Pakistan stands in those
countries who have atomic skills and development.

In 1960, General (after) Field Marshal  Ayub Khan took a somewhat serious view of the situation and brought a nuclear scientist, Dr I.H Usmani, to head the PAEC. Full of energy and confidence Usmani laid firm foundations of Atomic Energy "mission" and made the scientists a respectable community. utilised the services of an international architect, Edward Durrel Store, to plan a complex for research, development and training facilities, which resulted in the first national atomic research institute called PINSTECH.
When Bhutto assumed power, he appeared to be anxious to make his country a nuclear power, and appointed Mr. Munir Ahmad Khan as PAEC Chief. It seems that Dr.A.Q.Khan was equally alive to the dangers that lay ahead for Pakistan. He visited Pakistan in 1972 73, soon after Pakistan's break up, and felt that the nation needed something to raise its spirits. In the middle of 1974, he wrote to Mr. Bhutto what the nation required and what, after the detonation by India of a nuclear device, he (Dr.A.Q.Khan) could do in this behalf. Mr. Bhutto asked Dr.A.Q.Khan to meet him in Karachi in December, 1974. It was during this meeting that Dr. Khan told Mr. Bhutto that instead of going for the illadvised purchase of a very costly reprocessing plant, Pakistan should manufacture her own centrifuge plant. Dr. Khan was asked to join PAEC as an Advisor.What Dr.A.Q.Khan saw was intolerable and one day in the middle of 1976 he told Mr. Bhutto everything. Bhutto too was in a hurry as was Dr.A.Q.Khan and, therefore, he separated the project from the PAEC and asked Dr. Khan to take everything in his own hands.         Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
The Engineering Research Laboratories (currently known as Dr.A.Q.Khan Research Laboratories), established in July, 1976, were shifted to the new premises. As has been stated by General Arif, "Its previous location comprising old, dingy, leaking huts, resembling junk shops had served the purpose. The tiny centrifuge project of Sihala was conceived and fabricated here". Kahuta followed the success of the Sihala Pilot Plant.Things could not remain secret for long and Pakistan's own newspapers aroused the "curiosity, surprise, and ire of the Western World." The whole world was stunned; a country unable to produce needles and ball bearings had fabricated, through its own efforts, centrifuges which required extremely sensitive technology and material. The noise by the Westcontinued with an unabated venom, and so did Pakistan's torts under the strict guidance of Dr.A.Q.Khan till the President General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq announced in December 1982; "We have capability to enrich uranium".
The miracle was brought out in a period of six years after Dr.A.Q.Khan took over the project The PAEC, meanwhile, remained in shambles. The people at the helm could not create a team to be able to produce light water power reactors out of ignorance, lethargy or venom to minimise the benefits of Dr. A. Q. Khan's rare achievement. Apart from making Pakistan immune to India's nuclear blackmail, there are two very important revolutions that Dr. khan has envisioned before mankind. He has demonstrated that science and technology cannot be monopolised by a single race community for all times to come. Nature is as generous to a arching soul in the Third World countries as it is to a similar longing by a Westerner. He has thus removed the dread of perpetual domination of the West in the field of science and technology. The second revolution in the thought process of the world community of scientists is that the partisan and war mongering politician must not be left alone to run the affairs of unkind or of his or her country. In fact, both these revolutions are interlinked and who knows that identical movements in every country will soon start to replace the partisan politician with the Scientist who will at once be a humanist on account of being generator of power, and, hence international in outlook, and a true guarantor of peace. , Every genuine scientist is a child of Nature. In the present day divided mankind, he may belong to one or the other immunity but his main concern is the survival of man as a single species. He is not materialistic. In spite of dealing with e physical world, he is, in fact, in search of the spiritual. The :ire is his background spiritual, the more is he worried about an as a species. If he devotes his energies to uplift a Community, he does so to enable his own community to play a worthwhile role in the survival struggle of mankind as a whole,and not to wage war against another people.

This applies to Dr.A.Q.Khan more than most of his Western colleagues in the profession. An ample proof of this is available in the present collection of his articles in which he warns mankind against accumulation of nuclear arsenal. Unlike the image which the West has been trying to create of Dr.A.Q.Khan a monster with nuclear weapons capabilities of his own he is more worried about the future of mankind than any Indian scientist has so far been able to appear. In one of his articles, he recalls how the advice given by "that genius Neils Bohr that temporary advantage (from using nuclear weapons against Japan) would result in perpetual menace to human security", was ignored. The advice given subsequently by Szilard, Frank, Einstein, etc., was also ignored. Dr. Khan says, "Scientists and engineers think rationally and their advice can play a positive role, but unfortunately because of their dedication to work and isolation, they have not been able to influence the course of politics".